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Myths about saltwater aquariums

 People believe that saltwater aquariums are easy to set up, inexpensive and doesn’t require any effort whatsoever, but that is definitely a myth. Saltwater aquariums actually require lots of effort If you want it to be successful.

There are lots of myths about saltwater aquariums, the first one being that a 10-gallon tank is perfect for any type of species, but that couldn’t be more wrong. The fact is that fish also get claustrophobic when they are jam packed into a small space. Make sure that your tank is big enough if you want to have lots of fish or if you want to make a permanent hobby out of being an aquarist.

Myth Turning up heatPeople think that it isn’t necessary to have substrate in their tanks, but substrate can be one of the most important elements in saltwater aquariums. Fish such jawfish, shrimp gobies and some wrasses find it highly troubling when they don’t have a substrate that looks similar to the ocean’s.  According to saltwater aquarium blogger, Jeff Kurtz, gobies tend to repeatedly slam themselves against the bottom of the tank in an effort to reach anything similar to the ocean floor.

One of the most ridiculous saltwater marine myths is that you don’t need lighting in your tank. Is it appropriate to laugh? Light is the most important because it allows plants to photosynthesise, a process in which they remove CO2 from the water and add oxygen. You also need light to see if your fish are infected with disease. If you do not have appropriate lighting in your tank, it will be much more difficult to spot diseases in your tank.

No, quarantine tanks are not just used to eliminate diseases. Quarantine is a very important step, because it also allows your fish to recover from transfer and to adapt to the water in your tank. Quarantine is also a method of preventing disease, but it is not the only reason, as mentioned above. During the quarantine period, you can also observe your fish and get to know more about what they like to eat, their behaviour and habits.

Many people have a misconception about biofiltration in saltwater aquariums. All tanks must have a biofiltration system, even a quarantine tank, so that waste in the tank can be prevented from becoming toxic. having live rock in your system will also speed up your filtration process.

Another myth that some people believe is that ich can be conveyed from one tank to another, but this is simply not true. The only way that ich can be transferred from one tank to another is when a fish contaminated with ich gets put into another tank, when nets that have been in ich tanks are used in other tanks and when you have touched the contaminated fish with your hand and put your hand into another tank.

When you have live rock, live sand or any other bacterial additives in your tank, your tank will be able to circulate in just one day. It really doesn’t take six weeks for your tank to circulate, that is just a made-up story.

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