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Most Alluring Marine Fish

There are some beautiful and exotic fish in this world, that many people won’t even believe exist. How amazing is it that every single fish in the sea has its own unique features, colours and even personality?

Picasso Triggerfish

We are going to discuss some of the most beautiful fish in the world, starting with the Triggerfish. There are about 40 different species of triggerfish. They are known to be very bright and colourful. They often have lines or spots with an oval shaped body. they are also known to have very good memory and are very intelligent.   

Lined Butterfly Fish                               

Lined Butterfly fish. This fish has a spectacular appearance, with colours such as white, yellow and black. They are known to be the largest fish of their species and can grow to be about 30cm long.

Regal Tang

The Regal Tang is a black and blue fish with a yellow tail. It is also known as a Blue Tang. They like to use live rock as a hiding spot in order to feel safe. This fish is not known to be aggressive towards other species of fish but will be aggressive towards fish of its own species.

French Angelfish

French Angelfish are also very popular. They have a pale face with blue eyes rimmed in yellow and white. They like to hide between live rock and they tend to nibble on soft corals.

Flame Angelfish

Flame Angelfish are one of the most eye-catching fish in aquarium life. They have an orange body, with black vertical lines and a blueish purple on their rear fins. This fish is very sensitive to high levels of copper in the water and should never be exposed to more than 0.15ppm at a time, otherwise it might go into shock or die.

Parrot Fish

The rainbow parrot fish is one of the largest fish, with males growing up to 1.2 metres. They have lots of different colours on their body, the main colour being green. Parrotfish got their name from the form of their mouths. Their parrot-like beak is used to eat algae and other organic material off of corals.

Banngai Cardinal Fish

The Banggai Cardinalfish has a silver body with black stripes and white sports. They cannot be kept in large groups, because they are very aggressive towards other fish. They prefer meaty foods such as shrimp, marine fish and bloodworms.



Clown fish are possibly one of the most attractive fish in the reef industry. They have an orange body with white stripes and a black outline. They are all born as males and as soon as they mature, they can change their gender. They are omnivores, which means that they eat meat and plants. They get their name from the bold colour strokes on their body, like a clown’s face paint.

Mandarin Fish

The Mandarin Fish is also one of the most colourful fish that exist. They have a green body with different colours spots and stripes. They could be one of the most distinct patterned fish that you’ve ever seen in your life. It is very small and shy, and because of that, photographs of these fish are very rare. Photographers often struggle to get a good shot of them. They are not that aggressive, but they are very high maintenance in a saltwater aquarium.