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The importance of water circulation

It is essential that your tank has good water filtration, so that your tank can remain healthy.  We are going to discuss the different signs of inadequate water, starting with waste. Always be on the lookout for waste assimilation in unseen areas. Waste is one of the many things that cannot be avoided in reef aquariums, but it can be maintained. Good water circulation can also mean that small parts of waste can be captured and in that way is maintained. If you are struggling to improve the flow of your tank, you should invest in more powerful systems such as powerheads. If you observe Cyanobacteria in areas of your tank, you will know that you have insufficient water circulation, because...

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The interesting life of corals

Corals are an excellent group of elements that you could use to start up your reef aquarium. They are easy to care for, they have a flowy and bendy texture and they have an interesting appearance. Corals prefer a fair amount of light so if you do not have such strong lights, we would suggest that you put your corals more to the top of the tank. Corals will basically eat your tank clean if you have a medium flow, because the current brings the bacteria to them. New tanks have much more nutrients than an existing tank does, which is one of the reasons why corals are such beginner corals, but be cautious, because they tend to grow very...

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Saltwater Parameters that are essential for successful aquariums

Most people might think that having a saltwater aquarium is easy, but let me tell you, there are so many things that you have to maintain in order for your aquarium to be successful. A TDS meter might just be one of the things that comes in handy when you have a saltwater aquarium. We use TDS meters to measure the total dissolved solids in the water. It is important that you always use a clean collection vessel that is well rinsed before collecting water for testing, so that you achieve the best result. Let’s have a look at the diverse parameters that are essential to the success of your aquarium: Alkalinity or as some might call it, a way...

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The importance of oxygen in saltwater aquariums

It is obvious that oxygen is needed for something to carry on living. Just like everything on land, everything in water also needs oxygen to survive. Saltwater aquariums generally need more oxygen, because of the warmer temperatures. If the oxygen level decreases, it can lead to suffocation of the fish and the result being dead live stock. When your fish are looking sick, swim slower than usual, or gather at the top of the tank, that means that the oxygen levels in your tank are too low and you should stabilise it as soon as possible. Low levels of oxygen cause negative bacteria to build up in your tank and may harm your fish. Look out for changes in fish...

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Tips and tricks for photographing your reef

It may seem as easy as just the simple snap of a shot and there you have your photo, but it might not quite turn out the way you expected it to be. Taking photos of your saltwater aquarium could be quite complex. Here are a few tips and tricks to better the photography of your aquarium: 1. Nothing in your reef tank has a neutral colour. Most of the things are very colourful, especially if you have various amounts of corals in your tank. In order for your picture to be good, you have to manually set the white balance on your camera, because it might not auto-set the white balance with all the different colours that you have...

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