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Easy Reef Launches TRITON Product Range

Easy Reef is proud to introduce the Triton Applied Reef Bioscience product range to the South African market.

Triton Applied Reef Bioscience was founded in 2008 to take the mystery out of reef keeping by empowering aquarists to test their sea water, know what is actually in it, and use scientific advice to fix water quality problems before they arise. TRITON has revolutionised reef keeping through innovative products and services that deliver peace-of-mind with ease-of-use to hobbyists and professional marine aquarists worldwide. 

Their ground breaking application of HPLC and ICP-OES techniques to reef keeping came from in-house research and development by TRITON LAB. When combined with their range of highly pure supplements and treatments developed by TRITON REAGENTS we arrive at the heart of what separates TRITON from their competitors. They empower customers with the knowledge of what is actually in their seawater, and give them the control to fix it, with accuracy and precision.

But they didn’t stop there. Because they’re both chemists AND reef keepers they wanted this solution to be available to everyone. So they created the TRITON METHOD, an easy-to-follow recipe so anyone can have the beauty and tranquility of a living coral reef in their own home.

We welcome Triton to the Easy Reef product range and are very excited to introduce the Triton method. They are the true pioneers of ICP-OES testing, and the Triton Method will change the way you manage your reef aquarium for the better.

Water changes will become a thing of the past and you will not only be saving money and time, you will also be contributing to water saving efforts, as we all know, water is a scarce resource.

Have a look at their website and find out more about Triton and what they stand for.

Click here to find out more about getting your Triton ICP Test Kit.