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The Triton Method

Source: “The Triton Method. www.triton-lab.deTRITON LAB

A Guide to the Triton Method

The definitive guide to the TRITON Method set out as an easy-to-follow recipe in clear plain language steps. This guide will change the way you think about reefkeeping by demonstrating that it is possible to move beyond trial and error to conscious control of your investment. The TRITON Method delivers peace-of-mind while saving you money through avoided system crashes and water changes.

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Replacing trial and error with conscious control

Up until 2008 orthodox reef keeping centred on monitoring a few chemical parameters using colour chart test kits. Not only were the accuracy of the readings from test kits dubious but the vast majority of other elements in seawater were completely ignored. This meant the two key processes impacting the water quality of closed reef keeping systems - (1) element consumption by creature metabolism and (2) contamination from external sources - were largely invisible to the reef keeper. This meant that water quality drifted over time with harmful impacts on livestock. So aquarists compensated for flying blind on water quality through the expensive practice of regular water changes as both preventative maintenance and a cure-all for problems.

In the “bad-old-days" the craft of reef keeping was basically an expensive process of trial and error steered by stories, opinions and product marketing. All changed in 2008 when TRITON Applied Reef Bioscience was founded with the express goal of bringing accurate, comprehensive and affordable chemical sea water analysis to reef keepers and professional aquarists worldwide. Using ICP-OES & HPLC technology TRITON empowered aquarists to: (1) Test their seawater, (2) Know what is in it, and, (3) Act to fix it when the chemistry strays from Natural Sea Water. TRITON formalised this paradigm shift with the TRITON METHOD - a reef keeping recipe that anyone can follow. The TRITON METHOD is as powerful as it is simple and is suitable for the hobbyist who just wants a beautiful, easy to maintain aquarium at home through to the demanding needs of public aquaria, zoos, and research facilities.

The TRITON METHOD is a holistic reef keeping system that brings together the key benefits of TRITON’s research into advanced elemental analysis of seawater (TRITON LAB), highly pure reagents for supplementing and treating seawater (TRITON REAGENTS) and premium LED lighting proven to benefit the growth of SPS corals (LANI). When combined with our famous customer support TRITON innovation makes reef keeping a pleasure, not a chore.

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