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Lab Grade ORP Probe

Neptune Systems

Lab Grade ORP Probe

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Neptune Systems tested many probes until they found a manufacturer that would provide long life as well as consistent and accurate performance. Lab grade probes are held to tighter standards and use higher quality materials allowing a longer life, and holding calibration longer than standard grade probes.

  • Replace a worn out ORP probe
  • Purchase a ORP probe to add to your Apex System
  • Purchase a ORP probe to use with your PM1 Extension Module 

ORP is the Oxidation Reduction Potential that your aquarium has. As it can be mistaken for it is not the dissolved oxygen available in the tank as there is a different probe and monitor available for that. ORP is the ability to oxidize which if you are employing ozone on your tank an ORP controller or monitor is highly recommended.

The Neptune Lab Grade ORP Probe is great for any monitor or controller that requires a BNC style connection with a high-quality probe. If you are buying a new controller that doesn't include a probe like the Apex lite, adding a new tank and need another probe, or just replacing your worn out old probe look no further.

Lab Grade probes will hold calibration longer, and generally just last longer than standard grade ORP probes.

Note: Calibration solution not included. We suggest ordering multiple packets of calibration solution to have on hand and calibrating every 60-90 days for reliable results.