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ATM Outbreak! Marine

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing

ATM Outbreak! Marine

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Organics Elimination

Most of the common problem issues associated with aquarium keeping can be traced right to the amount of organics present in the system.

Easily the most concentrated and powerful organics consuming bacteria product on the market, Outbreak! lives up to its name.


The heterotrophic bacteria in Outbreak! are just the right organisms for the job of consuming organics.  Ordinarily, other bacteria take up the function of consuming decomposing organics.  The problems with these bacteria are that they are slow and create odor as well as other unwanted waste.  Outbreak! out-competes these bacteria, replacing them with a far more efficient and clean-burning bacteria.  What’s more is that Outbreak! bacteria work aerobically or anaerobically, allowing them to work all over the aquarium.

Outbreak! is an industrial strength biological proven in many zoos, commercial aquariums, and aquaculture facilities around the globe and is one of the most important livestock you’ll add to your system.


  • To drastically reduce present organics in the system
  • When odor is present
  • To keep filtration media clean
  • To turn bad feelings into good feelings

How Does It Work?

Outbreak! is a spore-forming, high powered sludge consumer.  Because of its vivacious appetite, it divides quickly, allowing the population shift necessary to overtake excess organics.

Because Outbreak! is 100% non-toxic and safe for all aquatic wild-life, you can hit your system hard and often when organics issues arise.


Shake bottle vigorously to mix bacteria and enzymes. Initial Dose: Add 26 ml (1oz) of ATM Outbreak!TM for every 75 L (20 gal) directly into water. Repeat dose in 24 hours. Maintanence Dose: Add 26 ml (1oz) of ATM Outbreak!TM Freshwater for every 75 L (20 gal) directly into water weekly.  NOTE: Turn off or unplug UV sterilizers, proteind skimmers,  and ozone generators prior to and 48 hours after each introduction of ATM Outbreak!TM. Keep at room temperature.