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APEXel System, EB632SHK, Temperature Probe, Double Junction Lab grade pH probe

Neptune Systems

APEXel System, EB632SHK, Temperature Probe, Double Junction Lab grade pH probe

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Having a beautiful reef aquarium is often overshadowed by the enormous amount of maintenance. The Apex Entry Level Kit changes that. Maintain complete control of your aquarium with the ApexEL EB632 Entry Level Kit. The ApexEL EB632 Entry Level Kit is the ideal entry-level model for beginners. Professional equipment at a low price is now within reach for every aquarium owner.

The ApexEL is a self-contained monitoring platform designed to provide reliable measurements across your reef aquarium. High quality monitoring systems at a fraction of the cost. A perfect example of this is that, unlike other cloud-based devices, the ApexEL has a built-in web server with full functionality, even when the internet is down!

Let’s say you have a power outage and want the aquarium to take the right actions to keep the fish and corals in the right condition for as long as possible. Or what if the internet is not available and you simply want to turn your lights on or off. Some aquarium devices only work through their online cloud service, so if the internet doesn’t work it can become a big problem. With the ApexEL, even if the internet is down, your tank will continue to run smoothly and you can still have full control locally from your mobile device.

This ApexEL EB632 Entry Level Kit is very easy and quick to install in just a few steps. Connect the main component to the power outlet. Then connect the temperature-, pH-probes and other additional Neptune equipment to the ApexEL.

With the ApexEL you can easily monitor the temperature and pH value of your tank. By monitoring these important parameters you ensure an optimal condition of the aquarium. Easily maintain, manage and monitor your entire tank with your mobile phone, anywhere you are. The ApexEL is compatible with any iOs or Android device. So in addition to receiving notifications via email, you will also receive all notifications via your smartphone or tablet.


– Apex Base Unit
– Energy Bar 832 (schuko outlet) contains:

  • 6x 230V AC relay-switched power connections for your aquarium devices with      power monitoring (SCHUKO outlets)
  • 3x 1Link ports for other Apex accessories
  • 2 x DC24 connections for other 24V devices

– CE Certified
– Long-life Temperature Probe
– Double-Junction, Lab-grade pH Probe
– 6′ AquaBus cable
– Calibration Solutions
– Mounting Screws