Base Elements Individual Bottle 2 (Pack of 4)

Base Elements Individual Bottle 2 (Pack of 4)

Triton Applied Reef Bioscience

Base Elements Individual Bottle 2 Description

Years of scientific research combined with observations drawn from tens of thousands of ICP aquarium seawater tests have led to the development of these unique elemental supplements. Used in accordance with the TRITON Method these solutions deliver the natural balance of macro and trace elements essential to a successful reef aquarium while preventing ionic imbalance and eliminating the need to carry out routine water changes. Our competitors have attempted to copy the Base Element solutions and the TRITON Method and failed.

With over a decade of experience and an ongoing commitment to R&D, TRITON understands the science of seawater better than anyone. Beware of inferior imitations.

If you would like to read more about the TRITON Method of reef keeping please go here en/products-services/triton-method/

https:/ Manual_Base_Elements_EN-2.pdf

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