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Triton Applied Reef Bioscience was founded in 2008 by Ehsan Dashti to clear up the great mystery surrounding reefkeeping, giving aquarists the opportunity to test their seawater, understand the exact composition and fix water quality issues with scientific advice before they can ever arise. TRITON has revolutionized reefkeeping with innovative products and services, providing peace of mind and ease of use for hobby aquarists and professional marine aquarists worldwide.

Our groundbreaking application of HPLC and ICP-OES seawater technologies is the result of our TRITON LAB research and development. Combined with our range of high purity additives, TRITON REAGENTS, we are at the heart of what sets TRITON apart from its competitors. We provide our customers with the knowledge of the exact composition of their seawater and give them the opportunity to correct it consciously and with the help of our years of scientific research. But that was not enough for us. Because we are both chemists AND reef aquarists, our goal was to make this solution accessible to everyone. So it came about that we developed the TRITON method - a simple way that allows anyone to enjoy the beauty and relaxation of a living coral reef at home.

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